Our Programs in Communities

Throughout New York City’s five boroughs, our programs connect school, home and community and ensure  that books are available and that children have access to reading and reading support. It has been proven that children who read more have a higher level of achievement.

Today, LINC’s Programs can be found in 28 Schools, 25 Public Libraries, and 48 Community Partners with a total participation of 8,000 children and 6,000 parents. 

Older students are paired with K-2nd grade students in the classroom for weekly one-hour reading sessions during or after school. The students read to each other, share a common experience and create positive relationships. Aligned with Common Core ELA Standards, this inclusive program is for all students from the targeted grades, including special education pupils in CTT classes.
The Great Grand Reader Program is an inter-generational reading program designed to partner senior citizens in the community with second grade students. These one-on-one shared reading programs take place at local senior centers and create lasting bonds between generations.
Teachers who have access to high quality professional development are better able to serve their students and their student’s parents. LINC works with teachers to strengthen literacy learning environments and parent/teacher collaboration. These trainings ensure the home/school continuum of learning and strengthen the bond between parents and teachers.
LINC’s TIGER (Together In Getting Everyone Reading) program connects school administrators, teachers, and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA’s) to conduct school-wide reading success programs. TIGER celebrations are anchored in month-long read-a-thons and celebrated with a trip to the Bronx Zoo!


Parent LINC Workshops provide support for the families of emerging readers. Wanting your child to succeed in school is almost universal; having the skills to attain that goal is not. Through meetings, short presentations and multi-session workshops, LINC provides clear instruction and resource materials, including appropriate books to assist parents in developing home libraries and the habit of daily reading. All communication is provided in an accessible, multi-lingual format for parents who do not speak English or read fluently themselves.

VIP (Very Involved Parent Academy) Trains parents to be peer advocates by planning and executing their own reading activities in their neighborhoods.


Reading Everywhere Celebrations

Reading Everywhere Celebrations organize the community around enrichment activities that emphasize the message that, “Reading success is a community-held value.” Whether a simple blanket spread under a shady tree at the park, literacy street fairs or a costumed animal-themed literacy celebration at a local library, these events engage community members and help cultivate a culture of reading.

Book drives and distribution supports reading everywhere

Reading everywhere means books everywhere…. Out of sight is out of mind. That is why LINC strives to educate parents and help them build home libraries. LINC partners with community organizations, local businesses, independent schools, corporate sponsors and publishing houses to collect and distribute books to low-income families. With book at home, families are able to support reading routines and reinforce the importance of reading. Find out how you can participate. 

Library Literacy Celebrations

Every LINC neighborhood has strong ties to local library branches. Our reading programs that take place in the New York Public Library, Queens Public Library and Brooklyn Public Libraries drive more visitors who are eager to take advantage of all of the services offered.

School Culture around reading has changed since Reading Buddies Program was introduced. Now reading is social.

Principal Mitchel, PS 48

I heard about the LINC VIP program when I came to the library to learn English. This program gives me hope because I know that by being a VIP I will be able to educate my son properly and to help make a change in other children's lives.

Evelyn Ruiz, South Bronx VIP Graduate

My students' reading level has gone up because of the Reading Buddies Program. It helped them with fluency and comprehension.

Ms. Lichvar, PS 251

Literacy Inc has been an exceptional organization that has helped the South Jamaica Library strive to meet its mission everyday. As an organization we strive to promote reading as an asset to each individual and I am grateful to you for helping us do so!

Jasmin Amely, Community Library Manager, South Jamaica
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