Why It’s Essential to Read With Your Babies

Reading with infants is extremely important. Some parents think that because their babies can’t talk, they don’t need to be read to until they are better able understand the story. This, however, is not the case. Not only will your baby’s brain develop faster, but reading with them will help their speech development and lead them toward a lifelong love of reading. Below are some tips about how you can successfully incorporate reading into your baby’s life.

1) Develop a Daily Reading Routine. If you read with your baby every night before bed they will grow up knowing this routine and wanting to read. Reading before bed is also a perfect opportunity to hold your baby close while looking at the book together. Hearing the sound of your voice, and sitting in your lap is a way for them to feel safe and secure.

2) Choose Baby-Friendly Books. Pick books with bright and bold illustrations that will grab your baby’s attention and make it easy for them to see. Board books are the best type of books for young babies as the hard cover makes it easy for them to grasp and the pages won’t rip.

3) Talk With Your Baby, Even After the Story’s Over. While your baby may not understand what you are saying, they will be able to hear your words and become familiar with certain phrases and remarks. The more words they hear, the more words they will easily be able to learn as they get older.

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