Voices From The Community: Principal Christopher Anest

By October 11, 2018News

My name is Christopher Anest, and I’m the principal at P.S. 5 in Inwood, Manhattan. I’ve been an educator for fifteen years.

Whenever I think of back-to-school, I think of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. As an educator, there’s so much I want to give my students; and I often give for years without getting to see the long-term impact on my students’ lives.

My students face language barriers and larger socio-economic challenges that make simply getting to class every morning an accomplishment.  I’ve been a second-grade teacher, a literacy coach, and an assistant principal. I know the incredible challenges that come with the new school year—especially when it comes to building literacy skills and closing the achievement gap.

This is why Literacy, Inc. (LINC) is so important to me. CLICK HERE to listen to our interview with Christopher Anest!

Literacy is the key to unlocking long-term opportunity for our kids. When we invest in literacy development, we not only give to our students, but to their parents today, and to their children tomorrow. LINC ignites giving that is intergenerational. LINC shares the tools to make our students, our community, our world, a place where literacy is given—from volunteers, teachers, and parents to their students, and from students to their parents, siblings, and their next generation.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter!

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