“When partnerships are linked to schools’ goals for student success, family and community involvement can measurably affect student learning.”

-Dr. Joyce Epstein, PhD. Sociology, Johns Hopkins University

Our Mission and Vision

LINC’s mission is to engage families and community members to support young readers in high need neighborhoods. LINC harnesses the power that exists in every community to make literacy a value and right of all children. Our children’s educational success is the path out of poverty and the key to achievement.

Read Our 2018 Annual Report.

Our Results

LINC measures the efficacy of its programs using evidence-based research. In 2012, LINC hired Phillips Wyatt Knowlton, a measurement and management resource firm to evaluate its programs and provide a baseline for charting impact. In 2013-14, LINC observed and measured the following among its cohorts of teachers and families.

“Collectively, this evidence demonstrates LINC’s positive progress with parents and educators relative to children’s early literacy skill and the associated context of a reading-rich culture…Data indicates the program is improving vulnerable children’s lives in important ways.”

– Phillips Wyatt Knowlton, Inc. July 2013


Reading at Home Flourishes

• Reading at home +19%
• More than 15 books at home +37%
• Parents report reading more with children
• Children report more parent reading/homework encouragement

Parent Engagement on the Rise

• LINC program engagement +30%
• Parent participation in 3 or more activities +18%
• Satisfaction with child’s teacher increased
• Increased confidence in speaking with child’s teacher
• 100% increase in parents served by engagement programs

Child Reading Time Increases

• Students receive 15 hours partnered reading time in school
• Neighborhood reading program participation +15%
• 36% more children reached by reading programs

Trust Grows Between Schools and Parents

• Number of parent volunteers grow (1-2x month +100% | 3-6x month +75%)
• Educators show an 85% satisfaction rate with LINC programs
• Teacher outreach to parents +25%
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