LiteracyINC | 5030 Broadway, Suite 641 | New York, NY 10034 | 212-620-LINC (5462)


Shari Levine
Executive Director
Ext. 102
Jennifer John
Deputy Executive Director
Ext. 103


Ingrid Bentil
Director of Early Childhood Programming
Ext. 135
Debora Mulrain
Senior Director of Staff
Ext. 120
Rebecca Miller
Director of School Partnerships
Ext. 112
Albania Jimenez
Director of Parent Engagement
Ext. 115
Kathleen McDonald
Manager, Reading Partner Program
Ext. 121
Al Reynolds
Project Director of Neighborhood Initiatives
Ext. 110
Karen Rogel
South Jamaica Reads Project Manager
Ext. 122
Arisleyda De La Cruz
Program Manager, VIP Program
Ext. 138
Jessica Suero
Program Outcomes Manager
Ext. 119
Jeanine Nadler
Director of Finance & Administration
Ext. 113
Matthew McGovern
Director of Programs
Ext. 137
Indhira Castro
East New York Reads Project Manager


Jessica Rogel
LINC Community Manager (Queens)
Rosalind Diaz
LINC Community Manager (Staten Island)
Ext. 125
Sorelys Irizarry
LINC Community Manager (Inwood/Washington Heights)
Ext. 109
Edny Palacios
LINC Community Coordinator (Cypress Hill-East New York)
Silvia Alemany
LINC Community Manager (South Bronx)
Ext. 136
Araceli Farciert
LINC Community Coordinator (Bronx)
Ext. 130
Corey Saxton
VIP Program Coordinator


Lashei Deoleo
Community Assistant (South Bronx)
Ext. 136
Carmen Correa
Early Literacy Assistant
Amanda Giordano
LINC Community Assistant (Staten Island)
Carolyn Manley
Community Assistant (Inwood/Washington Heights)
Demelza Wilson
Community Assistant (Queens)
Milianeth Smith
Community Assistant (Bronx)
Colleen Rojas
Community Assistant (Cypress Hill-East New York)


Aliza Chudnow
Communications Manager
Ext. 118
Sarah Morgridge
Development Associate
Ext. 116
John Andrews
Operations Manager
Ext. 143
Carol Thomas
Barbara Didder
Full Charge Bookkeeper
Ext. 117
Chabely Ramos
Manager of Corporate Relations
Ext. 124