Her Vision. Our Mission.

Literacy Inc. is driven by the belief that individual communities possess the resources and the ability to raise accomplished children.

Mimi Levin Lieber had a successful career as founder and President of Lieber Attitude Research, a consumer and public opinion research firm. But that wasn’t enough. Passionate about education, she served for 15 years on the New York State Board of Regents.

What she saw was an overwhelming number of young children from low-income neighborhoods struggling in school and later in life. What she learned was that early reading was a key component for their success.

LINC was founded in 1996 with a grant from New York State and has flourished. Today, LINC’s programs can be found in:

5 Boroughs
10 Neighborhoods
33 Schools
16 Public Libraries
39 Community Partners
15,000 young children total participation
4,000 parents total participation
6500 books distributed

LINC’s innovative approach is becoming a cornerstone methodology for approaching literacy in many high poverty communities.

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