Collaborative Impact Partnerships

To effectively tackle the issue of early literacy, LINC is a facilitator and participant in two larger initiatives of collaborative partners working to improve early literacy rates in NYC. These initiatives leverage the strengths of the individual partners to improve literacy outcomes in the city’s most at-risk communities.

LINC is a proud and vital member and lead participant in these collaborative impact partnerships.

LINC serves as the facilitator for two place based collaborative impact projects in South Jamaica, Queens and East New York, Brooklyn. Working in partnership with fourteen literacy and education organizations, together we are building a continuum of literacy support services for children from birth through fifth grade. By concentrating the combined expertise from each organization on a single geographic area, the goal is to ensure that low income children have the resources and opportunities to read on grade level and sustain success through elementary school and beyond. These initiatives, known as South Jamaica Reads and East New York Reads, are possible through leadership support by The Pinkerton Foundation.
“South Jamaica Reads is a living testament to the power of collaboration. To improve reading proficiency and close the achievement gap, we need all the horses pulling in the same direction, and in South Jamaica Reads we have just that: a host of superb literacy organizations coordinating services, connecting families to multiple supports, sharing best practices, and enlisting and inspiring community involvement. Is it ambitious? Of course, but also exciting and we think very promising.”
-Rick Smith, President, The Pinkerton Foundation
City’s First Readers provides programs and services to build literacy skills for young children throughout New York City. By combining resources and best practices, more New York City children have greater access to the programs and services that will stimulate their literacy development. Nine organizations are participating in this initiative:
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