Double Your Impact: Create Generational Change through Literacy

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At Literacy, Inc. (LINC), our job is to expand horizons. There are no bounds to what literacy can provide our children and families, especially if you take part.

With every book you help us to place in a home, you offer a story that opens the world for a child. With every workshop you help us bring to parents, you ignite a brighter future for their children.  With every page turned at a read aloud, you help us to transform entire communities through the power of reading.

Every year we see how literacy transforms lives. We see it unlock new possibilities for children; we see parents break cycles of poverty when they read to their children; we see communities create generational change by reading at local libraries, local parks, and local businesses.  We know that profound transformation can start with a single spark.

That is why your support of LINC is so important.  If your contribution is received by December 31st, it will be doubled by a generous donor who has agreed to support LINC with a $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge.   Studies demonstrate that a broadscale, community- based educational intervention like LINC is a primary predictor for long-term success in communities affected by systemic inequities.  We need your support to continue transforming children, homes, classrooms, and communities throughout New York City.

We’ve always known that the best way to inspire young readers is to inspire their parents.  Blanca’s story shows how profound this can be.  Before participating in LINC, Blanca did not read aloud to her three children, just as Blanca’s parents were once unable to read to her. She did not have the expectation or the confidence to develop a love of reading for her children. Then Blanca enrolled in her first LINC Very Involved Parent (VIP) Academy at the Inwood Library, the first step on her journey to becoming a powerful literacy advocate, beginning with her own children, and now for all the children in her community.

With LINC’s help, Blanca discovered the power of the written word. She became a confident reader and a confident role model for her three children. Blanca discovered her own voice and recognized the importance of her role as her children’s first teacher. LINC shared effective reading tips and connected her to a network of other engaged parents empowered to lead their children by example.

With LINC, Blanca transformed her home into a literacy-rich environment
where the family collects new words on a blackboard.

Now Blanca’s children gather on the bed in their pajamas every night as she reads their favorite books, the Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggy series―books LINC donated to start a home library. Blanca uses strategies she learned from LINC to build her children’s vocabulary and push them to challenge themselves with new, grade level books. Now even her youngest daughter devours books on her own.

With LINC, Blanca is rewriting her family’s story.  In a single generation, her family has gone from illiteracy to one that will use the power of the word to unlock endless opportunity.

Blanca could not remember reading books as a child.
her twins are active participants in our Reading Buddies program.

With LINC, Blanca’s transformation did not stop at her own family.

Reading sparked an urgency to bring literacy to her community
so that all children can benefit from the power of books.

Blanca is now a leader at her son’s school. She is a secretary on the Parent Teacher Association and she aspires to train as a teacher’s assistant. Blanca’s love for her children ignited a love of reading and helped her uncover her own sense of purpose.  This is a testament to the power of LINC to spark meaningful change in the lives of our children, our families, our schools, our communities.

But we are not done yet.
Until every child in our city can read, LINC needs your help. Today, hundreds of thousands of families in New York City have yet to experience the power of literacy.

With you, LINC can light the way to a more equitable city,
 one where every child has access to the opportunity for literacy.

As you plan your charitable gifts this holiday season, give the light of literacy.
Give a brighter future.
Give generously to LINC.

  • $1,000 supports a season of Very Involved Parent (VIP) Academy led Reading Everywhere events at a local library
  • $2,500 supports LINC’s Early Childhood Programs targeting families with children ages 0-5
  • $5,000 covers all costs for one parent, like Blanca, to receive extensive training through VIP Academy

With immense gratitude,

Shari Levine
Executive Director



PS:   Just a reminder that you can double the impact of your donation with our $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge in effect through December 31st. Please give generously.

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